Innovative Healthy School Canteen Menus

Canteen Menus That Promote Healthy Choices

Healthy Canteens Australia create canteen menus that offer a huge variety of fresh healthy foods.

We are the first private operator to comply with the new Healthy School Canteens Guidelines. 

We understand that it is both ours and the schools responsibility to help students gain an understanding of how what they choose to eat each day impacts their mental and physical well being.

Our Meal Deal options are available on both the High and Primary School canteen menus.

The colours and layout of the Primary canteen menu is designed to encourage healthy meal choices.

In High Schools, all of our canteen menus offer bottled water as part of our meal deals to encourage our students to select this instead of other drink options. 

There has been a strong demand from High School Principals for us to educate students on the nutritional value of foods to help them to make healthy food choices.

This has been a huge success as it places the responsibility on students to learn and understand Kilojoule counts and make better choices. This is a real world, education initiative.

Our Primary School Canteen Menu has been adapted to list all Everyday and Occasional foods that were introduced under the new guidelines in 2017.

If you would like to talk to us about bringing our canteen menu to your school, call Graham on 0414 709 104 or 02 9678 9242